Technical Sales Person

You will have excellent communication skills and be very proficient with all aspects of the English language.

Public speaking and presentation skills are required as is a desire to attend networking events.

You will be expected to attend business events, on occasion, outside of normal working hours, and actively seek such events to increase brand awareness and sales opportunities, both direct sales and via resellers.

Potential candidates will have no prior criminal convictions as International travel may be required from time to time with quite short notice; such convictions can affect travel Visas with some countries.

Candidate should ideally have experience in Technical Sales, where businesses needs are understood and technical solutions offered (IT and electronics); being able to identify opportunities in markets is encouraged.

You should be able to sell to a given specification working very closely with our management team.

You need to be able to research a company and then cold call with confidence, and have excellent phone mannerisms.

Good sales performance and self-motivation will be encouraged through financial bonuses.

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Technical Sales Person
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